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   VPD Calculation

Solve For:

Temp (F)
Temp (C)
RH (%)
VPD Air (kPa)
Leaf Offset (F)
Leaf Offset (C)
VPD Leaf (kPa)

   Square footage calculation


Square Footage = ?

Square Inches = ?

Square Yards = ?

Square Meters = ?

Acres = ?

   Power Calculation

Check your utility or contact utility provider to check rates.

Watts per Fixture:

PPF Output per Fixture (μmol or PPF):

Number of Fixtures:

Cost per Lamp: $

Utility Energy rate (kwhr): $

Lights on # of hrs a day (hrs):

# of days per cycle:



Efficiency μmol/joule or PPF/W :

Total μmol or PPF :

Total cost of Fixtures : $

Total Power Consumption Watts :

Total Power Consumption KW :

Total BTU :

Total energy bill per day : $

Total energy bill per cycle: $

PPF to PPFD Calculator

To calculate PPF, multiply your lights efficiency by its power draw.

Input your target area Length and Width in feet.

Based on your light manufacurers heat map, Input the percentage of light that reaches Target (Min 0 to Max 100) . 


Enter PPF Output :
Enter Length(ft):
Enter Width(ft):
% of light that reaches Target(Min 0 to Max 100) :




Grodan Learning

Grodan ensures that growers can make optimum use of its products and services by interpreting the company’s knowledge of and experience with substrate cultivation in terms of up-to-date, crop-oriented advice. Ranging from tailor-made advice from crop consultants to newsletters, seminars and training courses and articles in trade journals.

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Wetting instructions for Gro blocks

Initial saturation of the GRO-blocks is essential for successful cultivation.
It is the basis for optimal root development and growth of your crop.

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